Elevate your golf journey in style

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It's not just a golf bag

Simplify your golf travel logistics with The Journey's stackable nesting design, seamlessly fitting into any vehicle with ease. From compact cars to spacious SUVs, traveling to your play destination has never been more convenient.

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Plays like a Tour bag.

Travels like a Porter.

The Trolf Journey provides widely spaced club slots for easy retrieval on the course. When converted for travel, it will lighten your load on every journey. 


  • FLIP

  • PLAY

  • Easy.

    The compact Trolf Journey aids with luggage and simplifies management during travel.

  • Light.

    The Journey inverts clubs to move mass towards the wheels, resulting in a lighter load at the handle.

  • Safe.

    The Journey's frame design is engineered to withstand the toughest baggage carousels.

  • Small.

    The Journey occupies less than half the space of some traditional travel solutions.


Experience a golf travel revolution with Trolf Journey – the ultimate fusion of golf bag and travel case.


Is the Trolf Journey a golf bag or a travel case?

The Trolf Journey is both a travel case and when reversed a golf bag for use on powered or push carts.

Why is the Journey easier to handle than a traditional travel bag?

The Trolf Journey is lighter at the handle than a typical cart sized golf bag with a full set of clubs inside a 2 wheeled travel bag.  The lower Center of Gravity also makes the unit more maneuverable and able to reliably stand on its own.

Is the Journey a hard case?

The Trolf Journey is considered a hard case when checking at the airport baggage counter.

Is the Journey for walking the golf course?

The Trolf Journey is not intended for the walking golfer. The weight is similar to the combination of a golf and soft travel bag. It can however be used with many pull carts.

How does the Journey help with other luggage on a trip?

The Trolf Journey is designed to assist with other luggage by being shaped like a 2 wheel dolly in travel mode. It can be an asset when traveling as a family or on a golf vacation.