Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Trolf Journey a golf bag or a travel case?

The Trolf Journey is both a travel case and when reversed a golf bag for use on powered or push carts.

Why is the Journey easier to handle than a traditional travel bag?

The Trolf Journey is lighter at the handle than a typical cart sized golf bag with a full set of clubs inside a 2 wheeled travel bag.  The lower Center of Gravity also makes the unit more maneuverable and able to reliably stand on its own.

Is the Journey a hard case? 

The Trolf Journey is considered a hard case when checking at the airport baggage counter.

Why the name Trolf?  

Trolf converges the words Travel and Golf.  Appropriate since we’re converging the travel bag and golf bag into one piece of  equipment.

Is the Journey for walking the golf course?

The Trolf Journey is not intended for the walking golfer. The weight is similar to the combination of a golf and soft travel bag. It can however be used with many pull carts.

How are the clubs better protected?

The Trolf Journey elevates the grip ends of the clubs to get the heads at the same elevation when traveling. Most clubs broken in transit are the result of varying lengths outside the golf bag.

Can I keep my head covers?

Yes, the Journey fits up to 4 clubs with standard head covers for woods and hybrids.

Can I put my shoes in the Journey?

The Trolf Journey is designed to compress the form factor of a travel bag as much as possible.  As such, it does not facilitate transport of shoes.

How does the Journey help with other luggage on a trip?

The Trolf Journey is designed to assist with other luggage by being shaped like a 2 wheel dolly in travel mode. It can be an asset when traveling as a family or on a golf vacation

How can I store the Journey when not in use?

The Trolf Journey is designed to take up very little space when storing in travel mode.  Small closets, under a bed, upright or flat.

What are the case dimensions?

The dimensions of the Trolf Journey are 49”L x 18”W x 3” thick at the shaft enclosure.

Can I customize my case?

The Trolf Journey comes in:

  • 2 case colors
  • 2 leather trim colors
  • 5 club sleeve colors