As a traveling golfer of almost four decades, I’ve both witnessed and participated in some painful travel experiences with golf clubs. Late clubs. Broken clubs. Lost for days clubs. Wrong carousel clubs. Clubs that wouldn’t fit in a rental car. I think most of us dread traveling with the clubs to the point we might leave them behind in favor of renting a set or just not playing at all. It’s little wonder there are services to take care of this problem for us, but that’s not always the best solution either.

We must be doing something wrong.

The Trolf Journey is designed to withstand the rigors of airline cargo handling, to protect the clubs from damage while optimizing space in vehicles of any size. It’s designed to help you, not hinder you when carrying multiple bags through an airport or a parking lot. The Journey is meant to take up minimal space in a small closet, on a shelf or under a bed.

We think you’ll enjoy playing out of the Trolf Journey as well. The experience on the course will never feel constricted or disorganized like other compact solutions.

Have you ever had to choose between a favorite car or golf on a weekend trip? We’ll allow you to choose both.

Our goal here is to make golf travel easier and more relaxing. To encourage more trips with more friends and as a result perhaps help grow the game of golf.

Bill Phillips

Founder, Trolf

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